Sunday, 23 July 2017

3 Sex Positions That Make Your Mumbai Call Girls and Mumbai Escort Girls Partner Look Good

There are numerous sex positions, but not all of them will flatter the best body attributes of your Mumbai independent escort partner. Even women are afraid to certain sex positions because they believe their lover will see their tummy wrinkles or over grown backside cellulite. But rest assured, these amazingly pleasant sex positions that we are going to reveal here will hide the least favorite body parts of your Mumbai escort partner and display the best of them for your eye-candy. So, let’s have close view on them.


This easy to handle sex position can be use to flatten out the tummy of your girl. But cowgirl position needs a little bit of thigh strength since your Mumbai model escort’s thigh muscles what she will be using to move herself up and down on your penis. Make her straddle and face you, while sit her tall up on you and stretch her midsection out. Instruct her to square her shoulders and flex her abdominal section to flatten her tummy. This will definitely make your independent Mumbai escort partner look like a goddess of sex.

Six-Nine Position 

Want a super steamy oral sex with your model escort agency in Mumbai? Then, there is no better way than six-nine position. Most of the girls get nervous about their partner checking out their thighs and upper body. Six-nine oral sex position with you on top will keep your partner away from staring at your least favorite body parts. All the focus of your partner will be focused on your G-point and she’ll also be blessed out from the excellent oral that you are giving her.

Doggy Style

Believe it or not, but doggy position is the standout sex position to hide your flaws. Do you have a flabby tummy that your Mumbai call girl is going to notice? Then, this is the way buddy to adjust it. Doggy position is great for g-spot stimulation. Your stomach will not be in view in this position, so you can relax and let it hang out for whole night. 

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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Simple Techniques to Seduce Any Mumbai VIP Escort and Female Model Escorts

Escort seduction is really easy when you use the tight tools. One of the best techniques you can use when seducing any Navi Mumbai female escort is the push-pull technique. Don’t know what a push-pull technique is? Let our Mumbai escort agency and its Mumbai VIP escorts help you with it. Here is how a guy can get his desired results with one of the easiest but most effective seduction tools.

Get an Ego Boost

Staring off with an ego boost can really be helpful seducing a Mumbai model escort. Remember, confidence is the key, so don’t lose it. Make her feel how beautiful she is and made her think that you are impressed by her. After few cheesy moments, pull back and make it seem like you’re not interested with her at all. It’s certainly going to make her ask why?

Then Pull Her Back In

After pushing a Mumbai Female model escort away and making her think she doesn’t suite up to your standards, a short time later say something exceptional that pulls her back. Pay her a good, little compliment and make it sound like she maybe sexy enough to hang with an alpha male like you. When a guy demonstrates that he is difficult to impress and later compliments the lady that he refuses, his compliments will carry much more weight than usually it affects.

Reveal something great about her or stick some cheesy, sexy pick up lines, such as:

* Hey sexy lady, you’re surprisingly fun and gorgeous, considering all the idiots surround here.
* Have you ever taken a indoor dance lesson? Let me help you.
* So, you are the cutest girl working here. We can actually hold a conversation.

Our Andheri female escorts advices to run this Push-Pull method more casually and smoothly. A little of too more or too less will cost you your dream girl. So, are you ready to try this cheesy technique? We actually have an idea for you. Hire our Mumbai escort agency for gorgeous Mumbai escorts with best service pricing. Give us a call at +91-9892968526 and say HELLO to your dreamy, angel Navi Mumbai female escort.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Best Foreplay Moves That Independent Mumbai Escorts & Every Girl on Planet Loves

If you are a dumb-head with sex, then this is a must to read article for you. You may or may not know; foreplay is quite essential for every woman to enjoy the sex at fullest. But as a guy, it’s your duty to make sure that you are things right with complete perfection. Check out these super steamy, sexy, seductive foreplay moves specially suggested by renowned Mumbai model escorts that she is definitely going to love. Unlike guys, women take a bit more work and time to get hot and start their engines with full speed supported with all their gears. Let’s view the special moves suggested by our expert independent Mumba Escort experts.


Take all your time with a woman to seduce her and make her feel that she never felt before. Even though you may be all hard and ready to go, just don’t go right for her boobs or clit right away. Work your way there, start kissing her lips, shoulder, head, neck and other sensitive outer body parts. Pay attention to how excited she is and go slow always. It will trigger the inner animal of her for sure.

Mix It up

Our sexy Mumbai call girls advice guys to vary their pressure and touch and use their tongue more often. Guys can also use oil massage to rub her down and make her feel good while igniting her body for a hot, all-night sex mood.

Tell Her No

Even she completely turn her sex switch for wild fun, it’s always advisable by our Mumbai independent escorts not to immediately engage in sex when she says to just do it. Take some more time and fuel her wild feelings by repeating your moves one more time and then only she will crave the madness of sex from you.

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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Independent Mumbai Escort Tips: 3 Must-Not-To-Do Mistakes While Approaching Women

Still don’t know how to approach women the right way? Don’t you worry, our renowned Mumbai escort agency is here to help you know the gold facts that you’re constantly missing when trying for an opportunity. Well, very few guys understand how to approach women perfectly and begin a playful conversation. Immediately sending a wrong approach can make her feel uncomfortable and cause high alert on her mind. So, don’t make any mistake and follow the universal women-approaching rules given by our Mumbai model escorts to enjoy a healthy, flirty and long-stand startup.

Asking Permission to Talk

Eliminate the old, rusty vocabulary phrases such as “Excuse me, may I know your name?” or “Can I buy you a drink?” Starting a conversation this way will instantly puts you at her complete mercy. This will certainly create an uncomfortable situation in just 30 seconds of your beginning. This will give her the idea that you want something in return from her definitely. Our Mumbai model escorts advices to maintain your sense and never ever to start a conversation with a weak response like this.

Must Assume Rapport

Maintain the vibe of your approach in the manner of just like old friend. Our Mumbai independent escorts advices to men to having fun, joking around, conversing on topics with common interest, etc. Don’t just sound like a job interview. She will definitely show interest and you can easily keep up with her smoothly in just few minutes from the start.

What Comes Next?

According to our Mumbai call girls, you better should guide your conversation forward so that it can follow a sequence that pushes her button of emotion. Don’t expect a phone number or to share a single room on the same day every time you approach a woman. And that’s why learning the comfort-building flirting techniques is crucially needed.

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

How to Flirt with a Shy Girl? Learn with Mumbai Model Escorts and Bandra Escorts

Flirting isn’t a pie for every guy’s plate, especially if the woman you’re trying to talk is an introvert. Flirting with a shy woman can be intimidating, but thing to remember here is shy girls normally make best boyfriends. Shy girls are usually quite, caring funny and intelligent. If you have an eye on a shy woman and you want to bring her out of his shy-shell, there are few things that you can learn from our Mumbai model escorts. You will need to guide the conversation with a shy girl with an expert way and we – Mumbai escort agency can really help you out with it in a more comfortable way, so that she will open up and you can grab your chance.


Approach Her

According to our Mumbai call girls who are quite flirt-experts, shy women are not going to approach you from their side. She might try to start a conversation if you have a good friendship, but in general you must have to approach her from your side from the beginning. Come out of your comfort zone, but don’t approach her too aggressively. Start with an easy conversation and melt the stone cold ice smoothly.


Make Her Feel Comfortable

With expert response from our beautiful Mumbai independent escorts, there are chances that shy girls are not going to be comfortable with your flirting skills with them at first. So, make sure that you aren’t making her uncomfortable with aggressive flirting tricks. Ask her simple questions and opinions and she how well she responses. Then only prepare your master flirting skills according to the situations.

Give Her Compliments

Our Navi Mumbai escort agency has numbers of flirt-experienced Juhu call girls who are well-driven to the flirtiest master minds in their carrier with us. According to our Mumbai VIP model escorts, giving warm compliments are quite essential for flirting a shy girl. Shy girls aren’t looking for men who are too self-involved, so when you compliment them show that you are quite interested in them instead of yourself. Complimenting their appearance, job, and taste in hobbies is easy for breaking the ice.


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Friday, 24 March 2017

Advance Kissing Tips for Sex-Pros to Try with Mumbai Call Girls and Mumbai Female Escorts

Most of us think kissing is something very basic, but they are totally wrong with their perception. You just can’t imagine how amazing sexual tension you can create just by putting your mouth on her in the right way, in the spot. If you think you already have mastered the supreme kissing techniques, then read this article once and think about it twice; who knows, you may be missing something or everything. Here are few tips that you can practice with our beautiful Mumbai independent escorts to blow your girl’s mind upside down with next level kissing tricks.

Mumbai Escorts Girl Definitely Like Variety

As like you, girls don’t like the same thing repeatedly with their guy over and over. It gets old and boring after awhile. Take your time and learn some new techniques in a while. Try to move around while kissing and don’t just stay on her mouth the whole time. Move your lips to her neck and back or gently nibble on her ear. Staying in one spot the whole time will make mouth tired quickly than you imagine.

Importance of Touch

Touch her body gently and calmly while continuing kissing practice with our prettiest Bandra Escorts girls. Touch her hair and neck. Start with a gentle caress and get more and more passionate with time being. It will spend excitement shivers down to her spine. Run your hands all over her body. Don’t take wrong assume that touching her body means going straight to her vagina or breasts. Run your arms over her cheek and arms.

Be Kissable

Always make sure that your lips and mouth aren’t too dry while kissing. Make them soft and kissable, while also making sure that they don’t get too wet either. She definitely won’t like to go all in with slippery and slimy lips. Practice good oral hygiene. It’s really-really crucial if you want to be a kissing-pro. Believe me, a bad breath or slimy lips or yellow teeth are not going to help you anyhow to be a kissing-expert with our independent Santacruz female Escorts  experts.

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Friday, 10 March 2017

Sex Positions That Must Try with Independent Mumbai Escorts

Believe me sex positions can be a lot of fun when you mix it up with your spicy innovation and keep things new. Days of boring missionary sex position has long gone, using infrequently used, new and interesting sex positions can bring a new satisfactory sensation and extreme intimacy into your relationship. Some of these new sex techniques are going to be a little wild, but you can choose and pick the comfortable one with your preference. Here is the list of most advanced, G-pleasing sex positions that you can try with our Mumbai call girls tonight. Let’s have a quick look on them.Book at and call us: 09892363739

Inverted 69

The original and this advance version of 69 position is a lot alike, however it has a simple but quite effective twist in which the guy will get the job done on top of the women. While a lot of women feel a little uncomfortable with this one, this inverted version of classic 69 has a lot of extreme pleasure to both you and our Mumbai independent escorts. The inverted 69 position will put your penis at a different angle than the traditional 69 position. This position also gives you an upside down angle to perform oral on your sweet partner – Navi Mumbai female escorts , The inverted 69 position will give you more over putting your penis into her mouth. 

The Dancer

The dancer sex position is extremely easily and comfortable to be performed in tight spaces or in the shower. This sex position is specially recommended for partners of same height or within a difference about an inch or two. In dancer sex position, you have to stand straight up and then walk up to her. Lift her one leg up and support it with your hand and instruct her to wrap both her hands around your waist. Be stable and keep your balance. Put your penis inside her at angle that easily hits her G-spot and goes deeper than any of your normal sex position. Enjoy the excellent thrust. 

The Amazon

The Amazon is the wildest sex position in our list. This sex position is specially designed to give you a deeper angle with your penis while performing a pleasure job with our .Andheri Escort Service Lie down on your back and lift your knees up. Instruct our independent Mumbai female escorts to go between your knees, while you rest your legs on her thighs. Guide your penis inside her sweet vagina and let her ride you like a mad girl. Your penis will definitely pin deeper inside her vaginal walls and fell great to both of you. While performing the Amazon massage her G-spot for some extra sensitivity.

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